The story


Established July 2020,  in the middle of a pandemic,  our timing could possibly have been better but when you feel the time is right you have to move!   Our company is constantly evolving and growing.  With each new project, we find out a bit more about ourselves......who we are and what we are best at.  Our mission is to partner with our clients to help them find their 'why'!   Why are we in business?  To help you! :-) 

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Doing good

Fratello means 'Brother' in Italian and we decided on this name because we want to be much more than your average family business.  Everyone we work with is an important part of the company and our approach is one that will always put our people first.  Employees, partners, suppliers or customers.....YOU are our priority! 


Social Responsibility:

Fratello will endeavor to do good wherever and whenever possible.   We are affiliated to the Rainbows and Smiles Foundation and try assist in their effort to help children affected by cancer and their families.  You can read more about this awesome organization by using the following link:   


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